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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you guarantee your products?

Yes we do! See our guarantee. 

What is your turnaround time?

We typically turn-around your banner order within 48 hours!  Most companies charge extra for turn-around times this fast. Not us – we just want you to get your banner in a hurry! Orders must be placed by 1pm CST to be included in that day’s production.

How fast can you ship my order?

We offer a variety of shipping services, including next day air. We ONLY ship within the continental United States.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation and UPS tracking number so that you can track your order.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MC, Amex and Paypal.


May I choose the type of material my banner is printed on?

Currently, we offer banners printed on 13 oz premium scrim outdoor banner, 9 oz outdoor-durable mesh banner, photo gloss 58# paper banner and 15 oz “stay-flat” smooth banner for rollup stands and indoor displays.

What is the difference between each banner material that you offer?

The 13 oz banner is outdoor durable, and will last up to 3 years in the elements. It is best suited for general purpose banners, most commonly used for outdoor applications.

The 9 oz mesh banner is a popular choice for high wind areas, mounted to a fence, or in storefront windows. The nature of the mesh allows light and wind to pass through it, and is fairly transparent from the back side, allowing you to see out of a window if it is hanging inside as a display. It is very lightweight, but durable. This material works well with most hardware. Mesh banners will not work with rollup banner stands. Mesh banners are very popular for long lasting fence banners.

The Tri-Solv 58# photo semi-gloss paper is perfect for temporary banners. However, despite the temporary nature of our paper banners and the low price, they are high quality prints, and can also be suited for framed posters and other long-term solutions.

The "stay-flat" roll up banner has an extremely smooth surface that is perfect for photos and high detailed images. The 15 oz super smooth scrimless block-out banner is opaque and perfect for roll up banner stands, X banner stands, and banner bars. Engineered primarily for indoor use, this banner material stays flat when displayed without the edge-curling that happens with traditional banner material. Best of all, this material is 100% recyclable!

Will the printed banner look exactly like the proof displayed on my monitor screen?

Due to different types of monitors, and different calibrations, it may not look exactly like the proof on your monitor.

Can you print a double-sided banner?

The material and equipment that we use prohibits us from printing on both sides of a banner. If you need a double-sided banner, we would encourage you to order two banners and simply display them back to back. This will give you more versatility if you chose to display them differently at a later date.

How durable are your banners?

Our banners are printed with a UV resistant ink. Our outdoor banners are rated for 3 years with light to moderate exposure to the elements. A banner in direct sunlight or exposed to harsh elements will fade and deteriorate faster than a banner that only gets sun for a short part of the day. This is true with any outdoor rated banner. To get the longest life out of an outdoor banner, keep it clean, off the ground, and bring it indoors when it doesn’t need to be outside. Only our 13 oz gloss vinyl and 9 oz mesh banners are rated for long term outdoor use. All of the banners we sell will last many years indoors.

How can I display my banner?

We use brass grommets when finishing 13 oz scrim vinyl and mesh banners. These allow you to hang a banner easily using bungee cords (recommended) or tie straps. We offer an assortment of banner hardware that is perfect for free-standing displays, retractable banner stands, and hanging hardware. Banners ordered with this hardware will be finished accordingly so that when you receive your order, your banner will be ready to display immediately. You will have a hard time finding better pricing on our banner hardware. Check it out!

What is the best way to store my banner?

Our inks are made to resist fading, and our banners are designed to give you lasting performance. All banners should be rolled for storage. DO NOT fold ink-on-ink, as it may result in causing the ink to stick to itself while being exposed to heat and will damage the banner. Do not store in a hot place, or exposed to the elements.

Customizing Your Banner

How can I customize my banner?

Our design tool allows you to easily create the banner that you need! Simply pick from our wide variety of templates to start. You may just need to change a line of text. Or import a logo. Or you may want to move all of the elements around and completely redesign your banner. No problem.

You can also import images, change colors, fonts, scale elements to different sizes, drag everything around to where you like, or pick from a library of backgrounds and clipart. If you still need help after playing around with the design tool, check out our video tutorials.

I want a photograph (s) on my banner. What kind of image should I use?

You can easily import images into your banner design. The trick is to find an image with good enough quality, but a file size that isn’t unmanageable (usually the better the quality, the bigger the file). Best file type is jpeg.  If you have a photo that you took with a 7 megapixel camera or higher, it should work fine. If you know the dpi (dots per inch) of the file, it should be no less than 100 dpi at the final size. If you are still unsure give us a call or chat with us live!

What kind of image should I use for my logo or clipart?

To use a logo, or an image created by a designer using software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, the EPS file is best. This type of art is called “vector” artwork. The advantage of this file type is that it can be scaled to any size without losing image quality. If you cannot find a version of your logo in EPS format, than GIF or PNG is the next best print quality. If you are still unsure give us a call or chat with us live!

My banner will be viewed from a distance. Does this impact the quality image that I need?

It does! If your banner is going to be seen from a highway, or hung far from the viewer, than your banner can tolerate less resolution. If your banner is displayed in a banner stand or on a retail display close to the viewer, it is more critical to have a higher resolution image. Remember that wide format printing is designed to be seen at some distance - whether it is arms length or a few feet away. If you examine any wide format banner closely, there will be some digital artifacts or graininess. This is normal.

Where can I find high quality images for my banner?

There are many resources for finding high quality photos and illustrations on the internet.  A site we recommend is They charge a reasonable fee, and charge depending on the size of the file you need (we recommend the larger files for banners!). You will find vector files as well as photos for almost any need imaginable.  We suggest that you use a site like since they are also selling you the right to use the image you purchase. Most images range from a couple of dollars to $20.

Keep in mind that right-clicking and saving an image you see on the internet may not have enough resolution to print well on your banner. Most web images are 72 dpi, which is perfect for viewing on a monitor screen, but not so perfect for printing on a banner. A good way to check is to open it in a viewer program or our design tool and zoom in. If it gets grainy fast, don’t use that image! Another way to check is by right-clicking on it and going to “properties” to check on the file size. Anything less than 2 MB may be too low of a resolution to print well.

Placing an Order

How do I know that you received my order, and how do I obtain a receipt?

Once you have submitted your order, you will receive a receipt and confirmation via email.

What if I didn’t receive my order confirmation?

Please check your junk email folder or your spam filter.

Can I make changes to my order after it has been submitted?

Since part of our pledge is to get you your order as quickly as possible, it is generally impossible to make corrections or changes to the design. With that being said, we are also human, and encourage you to contact us immediately to see if making that change is possible. Contact us at 1-877-927-5454.

I don't see the size or material that I am interested in. Can you print custom orders?

You bet! Contact us via email, phone or chat with us live with your requirements. We stock other banner and adhesive vinyl materials and can print up to 72" wide and almost any length.