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  • Customer Choice in Product Design

    Bannerama’s design tool takes customers and potential customers step by step through the process of creating custom banners, posters and signs. Customers begin by choosing from a large number of pre-designed templates created by Bannerama. The templates are easily manipulated and offer a starting point from which a customer can utilize desired elements and discard unwanted ones. Customers have the opportunity to resize any of the components, change fonts and colors and upload images.The design tool simplifies seemingly complicated tasks such as layering elements and allows customers to view different versions of their banners and posters before committing to an order.

    The design tool prompts customers to choose the type of banner desired and displays the sizes offered and then converts the template or banner blank into the appropriate proportion. Customers also have the opportunity to upload their own images, stock photos or stylized elements into the banner design. Businesses may want to upload entire designs into the template to ensure continuity with other marketing materials associated with the business. The design tool enables resizing for all elements to fit the banner layout.
    Symmetry, proportion and design quality are characteristics inherent in the templates and design tool offered by Bannerama. The customer is free to mold the elements into a custom design that suits the particular banner or poster being created. Customers may not be able to describe the images in their heads but they do know when that vision is realized or surpassed and our design tool gives customers the ability to create banners and posters that fulfill their ideas.

  • Options in Outdoor Banner Materials

    Customer satisfaction results from durable, quality products that meet distinct needs. Bannerama customers trust in our expertise, underscoring our commitment to those that we serve. Our longtime experience in the print business ensures a thorough understanding of the products we offer. Beyond the design qualities of banners are the practical applications associated with displaying them, especially outdoor banners.

    Bannerama uses the grommet system in all of our outdoor banners, both vinyl and mesh. The grommets absorb pressure applied to the banner due to the weight of the banner and to the wind. Grommets are conducive to mounting banners with bungee cords between posts or on fences. The elasticity of the bungee cords and grommet placement enable the banners to stay smooth and flat.
    Although cost effective enough for short-term use, we expect our vinyl banners to last for up to three years in the elements. The durability of the banners increases the potential uses for outdoor banners. The 13 ounce scrim vinyl banner is our most popular selling banner.

    Bannerama offers customers a 9 ounce mesh banner that adapts well to indoor or outdoor use and is both lightweight and strong. The mesh allows wind to pass through it, relieving pressure to the banners, and are ideal in areas that are windy. The back of the mesh banner allows light through and is also fairly transparent, providing visibility through the back side. Because of the transparency, mesh banners also work well in storefront windows.

    “Custom” implies more than just a unique, customer-centered design at Bannerama. We offer specific banner materials that best suit individual banner locations. Our products adapt to the sites that our customers feel are ideal for their banners.

  • The Shopping Experience

    I joined a throng of holiday shoppers last night hoping to reduce my holiday gift list with great finds and good deals. The long check-out lines and crowded aisles prepared me for a frustrating night when I stepped into a crowded big box store. Surprisingly, my experience turned out nothing like I envisioned. A store employee passing by, arms full of merchandise, stopped to offer me assistance as I stared at a wall of board games. He quickly procured the requested item and with a friendly, “enjoy your evening,” continued on his way. Rather than just direct me to electronics, another employee escorted me to the earbud display and pointed out other headphone options. Even in the check out line, the employees showed kindness and efficiency.The pleasant experience lifted my spirits and made me a happier shopper.

    A positive, helpful approach to customers resonates to my online business, too. I want our Bannerama customers’ experiences to extend beyond the professional, high quality custom vinyl banners and posters that I know they will end up with. Beyond, even, the incredible pricing and timely service. I want customers to feel good about the experience and their interactions with Bannerama staff, even if they are via the web.

    The Bannerama website offers video tutorials that describe the basics of using the design tool step by step in a straightforward manner that is neither condescending or complicated. Our online chat option enables customers to communicate with us directly at any stage in the process or they can call us directly on the phone. Just like the helpful employees last night, our staff is ready to happily and promptly offer assistance when our customers need it. Business really is more than just a product and service is imperative even for online stores like Bannerama.

  • Spreading Seasonal Cheer

    Thanksgiving approaches and with it the freely bestowed expressions of gratitude that make the holiday so special. Family gatherings are commonplace but so, too, are the extended arms of fellowship reaching into the community. Banners hung in community centers and  in church halls seek not to advertise but to offer welcome, warmth and comfort. Fulfilling such orders for custom vinyl banners and signs are most rewarding.

    Seasonal religious messages can serve to remind church members and visitors of the origins of celebrations and services. Banners used to describe church ministries may be directional or informational in nature but also create an awareness of the incredible work taking place within the church community. Vinyl banners can be used outside to invite the public to holiday services, nativity pageants or church-sponsored meals.

    The season encourages generosity and fellowship. Thanksgiving provides the opportunity to realize the many blessings and good fortunes that surround us. Join with the many organizations and efforts unfolding in the ensuing weeks in your neighborhod and give everyone in your community a reason to celebrate.

  • Seasonal Shift

    The holiday season arrives in full force next week but has already crept into the landscape. Decorations, not yet universal, rise above the merchandise in many stores, grocery stores have started to play their limited holiday music repertoires and trucks loaded with Christmas trees are finding their way into cities and towns. Many businesses, including Bannerama, benefit from an intense seasonal push and the potential boost to business is worth stretching the season in economic times that are still difficult for families and businesses.

    Bannerama holiday banner

    Custom signs and posters offer an option that is inexpensive enough to create advertising for retailers (large and small) that is time sensitive or limited. At the same time, the signs and posters are quality enough to compliment decorations. It is simple to match color schemes and holiday themes to present continuity even as the signs and posters are exchanged to meet the marketing plans. Custom vinyl banners carry the same benefits as the signs and posters with additional durability for outdoor use.

    We all employ strategies to survive the end of the year frenzy that often tests the boundaries of our ability to meet business and family obligations. Typical business hours don’t apply when there’s an office party to attend or a children’s pageant that lasts a little too long. Bannerama is designed to accommodate even the most hectic schedules. Customers can leave unfinished designs or orders and return later to pick up right where they left off at any time of day or night. At this time of year flexibility is especially appreciated and just may contribute to more wide-spread holiday cheer.

  • Courting Customers

    Customers drive businesses. In specialty markets, businesses seek audiences that relate to their niche. Businesses strive to attract customers, provide desirable products and services and inspire loyalty. The growing market of online businesses increases opportunities for connecting with customers beginning with an inherent global reach. Without geographical boundaries, specialty businesses expand their market. And without the physical limitations of brick and mortar stores, customers can access more products.

    Online businesses have the potential to combine state of the art digital technology with customer-centered qualities to create a small business feel with big business options. Online customers control the shopping environment. Customers determine the most convenient time to shop and can navigate products without restrictive limitations. Customers can come and go at any time, typically picking up where they left off on a previous visit. Customers can decide how much or how little customer service they need and take advantage of live chats and similar features that offer personal attention.

    Bannerama is an online business that offers customers endless possibilities in custom banners and signs. We create templates that easily incorporate customer information and offer a range of designs that allow our customers to determine their level of input into the product. Customers can browse and explore the site, even create banners without any obligation to purchase. Our products come in a variety of sizes and materials including vinyl and quality poster but more importantly, our products are customer-driven. Customers can access customer service at what ever level they need. Our site is user friendly with tutorials for those who want more detailed explanations. We also offer live chats with personal guidance to create products that fulfill our customers’ visions. Our online business may provide Bannerama with a global audience but for us it is the individual that we work to connect with.

  • Banner Recognition

    Generosity and appreciation are always worth celebrating. Sponsor contributions are vital and offer resources that extend the possibilities and reach of the non-profit organizations they assist. Organizations acknowledge their sponsors in varied and creative ways, linking them to the causes they support and to the respective communities being served.

    Sponsor bannerSponsor recognition is usually incorporated into the materials used to promote non-profits and their events. Along with other printed promotions, custom banners and signs provide an easy and effective means of acknowledging sponsors. Banner styles, design options and uses offer numerous possibilities for meeting the needs of organizations and the requirements of sponsors. Vinyl banners have the quality and durability for permanent use but are also cost effective enough for use at individual events.

    Corporate sponsors often come with carefully designed branding and require the insertion of their logos in promotional materials. Easily uploaded, like photos, the logos can be scaled for banners of any size. Logos can accompany the organization’s own branding and message or be placed on banners created to singly or collectively acknowledge sponsors. Organizations may offer their own guidelines for sponsor recognition. Whatever the requirements, custom banners offer a viable solution for expressing gratitude to sponsors.

  • Lessons Learned Along the Way

    The world is a classroom and even our most mundane tasks, such as our daily commute, often lead to thought-provoking learning experiences as I was reminded this morning on my drive to work. I passed a group of protesters clustered around large vinyl banners attached to fencing in front of a construction site. The emblazoned message, viewable from a great distance displayed depth of thought and mission. The font on the banners mimicked the lettering used by the company the group was protesting against. A far cry from white poster boards and markers, the banners provided the protesters credibility and demonstrated organization and planning. They certainly gave me pause.

    During this voting season I also find myself examining the plethora of political posters and signs as I run errands or even walk the neighborhood. The graphic designer in me studies the fonts, the use of color, the symmetry and simplicity (or complexity) of politicians’ messages. My design background resonates in the design tool I offer to my customers, providing them with carefully formatted, quality designed templates.

    As more templates are created and offered, the amount of freedom the design tool provides to my customers is limitless. The 25 plus years of experience that I have in the print business underscores my understanding of the relevancy of customer vision and needs. The design tool encourages customers to infuse as much of their own ideas into banner and poster designs as they want with access to guidance throughout the process. The resulting custom products combine our design expertise with our customers’ expertise in the subject matter whether business related, promotional or personal. After all, if the world is a classroom then we are all students and teachers with much to share and gain.

  • Sign Ordinances Are Necessary

    Sign ordinances give municipalities a say on the type, location, and size of signage in their municipalities as well as address how signs should be erected (often through a permitting process). Regulations help keep sign wars and sign clutter down.  Signage regulations can help business owners create a sense of place for a commercial area and allow their customers to find their businesses more easily.

    Regulations about the number of signs, sign height, and sign size, as well as location can help avoid visual clutter and prevent businesses from competing for attention of pedestrians and motorists.

    Ordinances are usually set by county, parish or city governments, and are often adopted from best practices of neighboring municipalities. However, restrictions and permit costs can be increased in areas where sign abuse has taken place, so it is always a good idea to check with your appropriate official regarding the use of signs.

    Follow these guidelines for a problem free experience in displaying signs or banners for your business:

    1. Make a decision on the location of your sign or banner, the size you would like it to be, and the message you are trying to get across to the public.

    2. Discuss your needs with a local official and ask for a copy of the local sign ordinance that affects your location.

    3. Be sure to stay within the parameters of the ordinance. You may be asked to send a copy of the graphic that you want to use, the size and type of sign or banner, and where you plan to display it. There will be a fee associated with temporary signage in most cases, and you will usually be given a time period to display the sign.

    4. Be sure to create a visually appealing sign or banner. You may want to use an Ad agency, graphic design firm, or a more affordable solution, such as doing it yourself using an online design tool or software program.

    5. Once your sign is installed, drive by your location and take notes. Is the message clear? Is the text readable, and the graphic attractive? Does it look like it's displayed properly? If it is a banner, is the installation tight with no drooping or sagging?

    Sign ordinances should not be considered a nuisance, but rather a set of rules that levels the playing field and keeps commercial areas looking nice!

  • Celebrating with Individuality!

    Party decorations are as varied as the people they celebrate. Personalities often dictate themes (think princess parties in pink for young girls) while particular milestones may dominate the ornamentation (silver wedding anniversaries, “over the hill” birthdays, high school graduations). Colorful, generic messages continue to wave above birthday cakes and anniversary toasts but many people are choosing to mark special occasions in a more personalized manner.


    Customized banners with digital photographs, meaningful sentiments and specific dates not only enhance the celebration but also serve as lasting mementos. Photo collages, timelines in snapshots, tell stories in pictures and are ideal for coming of age occasions. A wedding photograph provides a dramatic touch to the commemoration of a long lasting marriage. An old family photo hailing near a group of picnic tables can designate the gathering place for a family reunion.

    Personalized and customized decorations create individualized experiences. The ease of online shopping with the availability of digital photographs and customer input allows for one-of-a-kind decorations everywhere. Think unique for your next planned celebration and explore the possibilities that posters and vinyl banners can provide.

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