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Safe & Secure Shopping

The primary use of a SSL certificate is to protect all personal details such as passwords, credit card details, bank statements etc. against any sort of hacking. These certificates encrypt the information that can be decrypted only thorough a secret key, therefore, ensuring the required confidentiality of all private details for safe and secure online shopping.

We spend our money increasingly online, and this form of shopping has been a sea change for the retail industry and business in general. Web shopping or e-commerce has made the transfer of money and obtainment of products and services incredibly easy. We have always been concerned that web sites and e-commerce online stores are safe to use and that our information is properly protected from web hackers and identity thieves.

SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates stand for “Secure Socket Layer” certificates. This standardized form of technological tool encodes information provided through the browser, and in turn, through the Bannerama server. This increases data integrity and offers a protection for all details of a transaction. Through its encoding or encryption, the SSL certificate secures transfer of all the data that passes between you and Bannerama. The safety is verified by a lock symbol on the page or image index at the end of your browser and can be identified when the URL changes to https. High-end SSL certificates also light up major browser address bars in green as an obvious visual cue to proceed with the site.

The lock icon and https will not necessarily appear on the site until you log on to the pages that are secured. This typically occurs on our registration screen or any online account page or login. We take every precaution so that your transactions are safe with Bannerama!